About Us

Established in 2023 by a trio of lifelong companions – Sherry, Sara, and Victor – our journey began with the sale of stickers on Facebook and Etsy back in 2021. After years of honing our skills and expanding our horizons, we sensed the winds of change calling us.

Henceforth, we extend a warm welcome to Sakuratopia Anime! Within our realm, you'll encounter an array of premium, full-color anime-inspired delights, including vinyl cup wrap transfers, glassware, tumblers, budget binders, notebooks, acrylic displays, enamel pins, stickers, and an abundance of other treasures.

At the heart of Sakuratopia Anime lies our mission: to channel our creative prowess into a broader spectrum of anime-themed offerings for the adoring aficionados of this genre. It is our aspiration that our artistic creations will ignite joy and elicit smiles.

Complementing our enterprise, Sherry emerges as the artistic virtuoso, ceaselessly conjuring new anime-infused designs. Sara's forte encompasses the orchestration of our online emporiums and the provision of unparalleled customer experiences. Meanwhile, the custodian of machinery and the fulcrum of order fulfillment rests in the capable hands of Victor.

Moreover, we have embarked on a journey of participation in myriad Comic Con events across the expanse of the United States. Reveling in face-to-face interactions with fellow anime enthusiasts is our ardor. Engaging in spirited discourse about cherished shows, immersing ourselves in the world of cosplay, and forging new connections – these are the delights we relish.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for gracing the realm of Sakuratopia Anime with your presence. Anticipation swells as we envisage you partaking in our resplendent transfers and creations.

Thanks so much for visiting us here at Sakuratopia Anime and we look forward to having you try our transfers!

Sherry, Sara, & Victor